Advocacy & Social Change

Sequal Consulting provides expert advocacy, legislative, and tactical strategies to help clients reach key targets and decision-makers needed to achieve their goals. We help organizations navigate “dos and don’ts” according to IRS guidelines (501c-3, 501c-4, PACs, 527s), and provide strategic lobbying strategies, training, and services.

Sequal Consulting provides a wide range of consulting services to help organizations advocate for social change, including:

  • Issue advocacy and message development
  • Public policy and legislative strategies
  • Strategic communications
  • Coalition building
  • Community outreach
  • Grassroots and grass-tops organizing and mobilization

Organizing & Mobilization

12087912_10154308281588712_6184946862294480547_oSequal Consulting places an extremely high value on bringing grassroots energy to movements for social change. We help our clients become effective, powerful organizers and provide them with advocacy toolkits that complement a broader communications strategy. We also use web-based “e-tools” to create interactive opportunities for grassroots activists to leverage the highest impact both on- and offline. We also work with clients to mobilize “grass-tops” — high-profile (or low profile but high impact) community leaders who have significant access to decision-makers. After identifying and engaging grass-tops, we help clients develop systematic programs to mobilize letters, calls, and personal meetings with decision-makers.

Community Outreach

Reaching out to diverse populations is critical to influencing public opinion. Sequal Consulting helps clients connect with critical constituency groups, as well as decision-makers, thought and opinion leaders. We tailor our efforts to serve clients seeking broad-based support for an initiative or campaign as well as those seeking to reach specific groups.

Coalition Building

Sequal Consulting helps clients develop and maintain strong partnerships with elected officials, community leaders, opinion leaders, labor unions, associations, similar and dissimilar organizations in the community. The strategic value that coalition building adds is invaluable. We work to nurture the coalitions we help build and focus on leveraging members’ support efficiently and effectively.

“FISA really could not have launched our regional prevention initiative without Jodi’s invaluable support and expertise. She helped us to craft website content and build a social media strategy from the ground up. Outsourcing this function to Jodi allowed it to get the professional attention it needed to establish a new brand and presence, and she was fun and easy to work with.”

Kristy Trautmann

Executive Director, FISA Foundation